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Books and Videos

Book: System Successes

The book features thirteen coaches at a variety of playing levels who have had success adopting our playing style. Since the book was primarily written during the twentieth anniversary of the creation of 'The System', I also thought it would be a good time to add a chapter about Grinnell and feature several of the prominent players from past system teams.

Cost: $15.00 (includes tax and shipping)

Book: The Running Game- A Formula for Success

(Reedswain, Inc 1997)

This book is 67 pages and has five chapters. It provides the rationale for why Coach Arseneault committed to this playing style along with the basic offensive and defensive strategies that are employed. There is also a statistical analysis of the 1996 season, practice planning tips and a listing of shooting drills. This is a ‘must’ for any coach who is thinking of ‘taking the plunge’.

Cost: $15.00 (includes tax and shipping)

Video: Running to Extremes

This original video on ‘The System’ is no longer being marketed by Championship Productions and can only be ordered through this site. It provides coaches with an overview of ‘The System’ and specific drills used to refine this style of play. This ‘Best Seller’ is still a critical resource for coaches who are just getting started.

Cost: $55.00 (includes tax and shipping)

Video: 2007 'Run and Gun' Clinic

On October 19 and 20, 2007, Grinnell College was the site of the annual national ‘Run and Gun’ Clinic. Over five hours of footage has been copied onto four DVD’s. The footage showcases the 2007 Grinnell College Men’s Basketball team as they demonstrate virtually all components of ‘The System’.

Cost: $50.00 (includes tax and shipping)

Video: Game Footage

Actual Grinnell College game footage has been put on a pair of DVD’s. There is about four hours of viewing. The games chosen will allow coaches to see Grinnell play versus three different opponent strategies:

  1. Versus Man-to-Man defense.
  2. Versus a 2-3 Zone.
  3. Versus ‘Slowdown’ tactics.

As an added bonus, a 30 minute highlight tape has been included which is sure to create excitement amongst your players.

Cost: $25.00 (includes tax and shipping)

Video: 2007 Practice Footage

For the first time, Coach Arseneault has video-taped actual practice sessions. The first four practices of the 2007 season have been copied onto four DVD’s and are now available to the public. The major content of these practices is the implementation of the following four offensive components of ‘The System’:

  1. Offensive transition following a score
  2. Offensive transition after a defensive rebound
  3. Offensive transition after a live turnover
  4. Offensive transition after a referee handle.

There will also be a variety of conditioning and shooting drills demonstrated.

Cost: $45.00 (includes tax and shipping)