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Coach Arseneault

David Arseneault has been the Men’s Basketball Coach at Grinnell College, in Grinnell, IA, since 1989. In 1992, he began an experimentation process with an up-tempo style of play that has evolved into a unique creation known as “The System”. This frenetic playing style has allowed his Pioneers to capture eleven national scoring championships and four Midwest Conference titles since 1996.

At the request of numerous coaches, Arseneault wrote a book on his system entitled, The Running Game – A Formula For Success (Reedswain, Inc 1997). He also produced two videos with Championship Productions. The first was produced in 1997 and described the rationale for creating “The System”, as well as the basic strategies that need to be employed to meet the system’s five goals each game. The second video was produced in 2004 and served to assist “system-coaches” as they looked to evolve and counter different opponent strategies.

A graduate of Colby College (1976), Arseneault resides in Grinnell with his wife, Ellie (married in 1978). They have two children, David (born in 1986) and Jennie (born in 1988).