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The Formula for Success

94S + 47 3's + 33%OR + 25SD + 32 TO's = W

The ‘Formula for Success’ has withstood the test of time. Since 1996, whenever the Pioneers have attempted 94 shots, with half of those shots from behind the arc, offensive rebounded 33% of their missed shot attempts, taken 25 more shots than their opponent and forced the opposition into committing 32 turnovers, they have won at nearly a 95% clip. Grinnell accomplishes all five of these goals in slightly over one-third of their contests.

While the ‘formula’ has been consistent through the years, the strategies employed to achieve these goals have been altered. During the early years, a new group of five players usually stayed on the court for 2 ½ minutes at a time. The length of playing shifts has been reduced considerably during the last few years and it is now a regular practice to replace all five players on the first whistle after 35 seconds have elapsed off the game clock. Also, in those early years, it was customary practice to rotate three groups of five players. Currently, Coach Arseneault uses two playing groups- each incorporating a total of eight players.

Regardless of the length of shifts or number of groups used, there is still only one way to accomplish all five of the aforementioned goals: Your team must be committed to getting a shot off and getting the ball back every 12 seconds.

The System Highlights Through The Years

1994-95 Steve Diekmann sets NCAA Division III record averaging 37.1ppg.
1995-96 Ed Brands goes 14-22 from the arc (60pts) in MWC Championship win.
1996-98 Jeff Clement scores NCAA Diviision III record 77 points in a single game.
2000-01 Grinnell wins MWC title again.
2002-03 Grinnell wins third MWC title with The System.
2003-04 GC opens with 13 straight wins, Steve Wood sets career scoring mark.
2004-05 Grinnell College becomes first DIII team to play live on ESPN.
2006-07 13-game win streak propels Pioneers to another MWC crown.
2007-08 Dave Arseneault sets NCAA record with 34 assists in single game.
2008-09 John Grotberg leads nation in scoring, GC captures 5th System title
2011-12 Griffin Lentsch scores NCAA record 89 points in a single game.
2012-13 Jack Taylor smashes single game scoring mark with 138-point game.